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The Clincase Randomization Module provides integrated, web-based randomization right inside the eCRF. With this module, we aim to simplify your workflow and deliver easy-to-start, easy-to-manage online randomization.

It gives you a host of convenient options, such as controlling eligibility through consistency pre-tests, choosing a strata and randomization method, and supplying investigational drugs (as part of the Medication Inventory Module).

Clincase’s Randomization Module Offers

  •  Online randomization supports
  •  Multiple randomization groups/blocks
  •  Real-time assignment of randomization
  •  Usability that, in conjunction with Clincase’s Medical Inventory Module, creates an even more evolved e-Clinical Technology Solution. IWRS (Interactive Web-Response System).

Unlike good clinical studies, good EDC software enhancements aren’t ever random.

When you need evolved solutions, get Clincase involved.

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