Quadratek Data Solution was founded in 2004 as an IT solution provider in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. From 2004 to 2007, QDS focussed on development of a trust-worthy software using typical technical German engineering mindset and discipline in its approach. This resulted in the birth of its flagship Clincase EDC software. Clincase was first used in trials in 2007 in association with German and French Contract Research Organisations (CROs). In 2008, the first clients started using Clincase with positive encouraging results. 

Since its inception in 2004, QDS has achieved sustained growth through balancing periods of innovation with periods of consolidation. The company employs talented, experienced and knowledgeable people from many countries to draw on their strengths from their different backgrounds.  

The growth of QDS is reflected in the growing number of its customers from 2009 to date and its ability to provide digital solutions for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and CROs.Its maturity being reflected in its company goals and values to promote a culture of team-based working amongst its staff in which valuable experience is gained, applied and shared in its work ethics. QDS aims to develop within its staff a customer focussed mindset, agile responsiveness and right first-time approach in the development of its products.  

From 2009 to 2014, QDS consolidated its business. Being sensitive to the evolving clinical trial climate, QDS staff used a more patient centric and innovative approach to re-innovate and further refine the Clincase model to develop a solution for electronic patient reported outcome with added functionalities that include a Clinical Supply System (CSS), an elearning platform and, in response to the growing availability of smart phones, the development of  Clincase ePRO to capture data from patients themselves.  

This software allows sponsors to improve the quality of data capture in clinical trials. Clincase ePRO is designed to allows subjects to complete the patient diary in real-time throughout the trial. The first ePRO trial was conducted in 2015 and is now in its 3rd generation including clincase ePRO app where subjects could download directly from APP Store and Google Play.  One step closer to our vision “putting every patient at the heart of every trial”.

Success for QDS is reflected in the testimonials from satisfied customers such as Metronomia, Biotrial and AMS. Such positive feedback from these customers serve to inspire its staff to strive to continue to work diligently and competently for the continued success of the company and the future good of all. 

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