Henning Lux

Henning is a software engineer with many years of experience in eclinical technology solutions since 1997. In 1998, he pioneered the 1st web-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system to replace the tedious process of data collection on paper. The initial pioneering work was done to develop a system that uses emerging digital technology to capture data in clinical trials. Through much learning from the initial years, Henning understood the need to create a more versatile solution with the capacity to capture data from patients with the advanced use of meta data. To achieve this, in 2004, Henning co-foundered Quadratek Data Solutions (QDS) to be an IT solution provider for the pharmaceutical research and life sciences industry.

 With QDS, he was able to further his vision of fulfilling the desire of the industry to achieve more control over the EDC based clinical trial process. To achieve this, from 2004 to 2007, he was instrumental in facilitating the development of Clincase as a EDC software to support worldwide clinical trials across all therapeutic areas.

He seeks to grow QDS as a leading innovative company with experienced and passionate staff who will continue to build on the Clincase model and develop better IT based solutions to help improve the speed and integrity of clinical trials. His vision is reflected in the company’s mission statement and yearly goal forecasts. The ultimate goal being to save lives impacted by diseases and sickness.

Judy Lux

 Judy was a pioneer in the Berlin start-up scene and co-founded Quadratek Data Solutions.  Judy is responsible for all of the company’s worldwide operations, including corporate strategy and finance.

Prior to founding Clincase, Judy spent 20 years in Business management with diverse organizations including LG International, Orkney Investment, and Milcom Aerospace Group in Singapore. She developed an entrepreneurial drive and honed her management skills through working with pioneers and stalwarts of industries like the late Dr. Diana Young.

 In 2004, Judy moved to Berlin to pursue her dreams and embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. For the initial few years, she worked as a Consultant for German SMEs and developed initiatives in connecting them with Asian and Chinese SMEs, in an effort to help them expand into the burgeoning Asian markets. She put in practice her deep understanding of  intercultural work dynamics leading to the successful cultivation of many trans European and Asian business cooperations.

Visualizing the enormous manpower and costs benefits by deploying Electronic data management techniques in the Clinical trial industry in Europe, Judy established Quadratek Data Solutions in 2008 and she has never looked back since.  As a co-founder and COO of the Company, she implemented corporate strategies to strengthen the company’s financial and business operations, and spearheaded business and market outreach efforts in Europe. Over the past ten years, the company has grown from strength to strength and today it is one of the leading electronic data management solution providers for the clinical trial market space in Europe.

The use of electronics data management tools in clinical trials is still at its infancy in Asia. With a very diverse cultural and disaporic mix in Asia, collecting and analyzing critical trial data can be a very complex process and using electronic data management tools such as Clincase can bring about efficiency and effectiveness.

 With her roots and strong connectivity with business communities in Asia, Judy’s vision is to grow and expand her business in Asia by replicating the success of Clincase  in the Asian clinical trial market.

By planning to make a foray in Asia with the establishment of an Asian base , Judy’ envisaged that this base can be a bridge to enable her European customers to diversify clinical trials in Asia, and to develop and grow a pool of indigenous expertise to support the growing clinical trial markets in Asia.

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