Secure Data Hosting

Clincase’s data hosting solutions house your data in a secure architecture while adapting and scaling to your data storage needs.

Clincase is hosted on secure servers that are wholly-owned by Clincase and located in exclusive racks in two fully-redundant, dedicated data centers in Germany. Our primary data center hosts Clincase production systems, while the secondary data center is used for daily backups, storage and disaster recovery.

Security & Supervision On-Site

Vigorous on-site security includes electronically locked doors that require biometric or passport verification for entry. The premises and equipment, including the server racks and network cables, are under continuous video surveillance. Network cables are additionally secured by pressurized tunnels, while fire suppression mechanisms and cooling systems provide added protection for disaster control. Backup generators with automatic full-load capabilities and instantaneous cutover are in place in the event of a power failure or surge. These generators are also equipped to provide long-term power in the event of emergency.

Power System

The UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and power subsystem is N+1 redundant with automatic continuous failover in the event of primary UPS failure. For added assurance, both the power systems, subsystems and generators undergo routine testing and maintenance.

Backup and Recovery

All Clincase data is continuously backed up and stored off-site. Data backup and recovery is done via constant database mirroring to a secondary data center (RAID) providing additional fail-safes against hardware failure. Full daily backups are performed and transferred directly to an off-site archive and encrypted with a secure, private key.


Relevant system qualification testing and documentation, logs of updates to hardware and software, as well as changes made to Clincase maintenance SOPs, are kept at the hosting site.

Service and Maintenance

Our hosting facilities maintain an around-the-clock Technical Service Desk for issues and concerns relating to data hosting.

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