EDC software and training solutions that work to engage users from investigator to data managers at every step of the way and all along the clinical trials trail.

Clincase’s web-based E-Learning Module provides training so that everyone can be successful with study conducts, industry regulations, as well as using Clincase.

Training can be created and assigned per role, which reduces the complexity of having to organize training steps. Our certificates keep everyone up to date and provide an overview of who has successfully completed the training.

Features of the Clincase e-Learning Module Include:

  •  Full integration into user account management
  •  Meets regulatory training requirements and standards
  •  Automated completion certificate generation
  •  Training requirements that are set per study role
  •  Effortless definition of test result criterion for admins
  •  Repeatable training. Return to the e-Learning module at any time during a study to review skills and competences
  •  Customized training slides that upload easily and integrate seamlessly into the module and software.

If you need any further specifications or have any questions, ask us.

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