June 24, 2016 Clincase

Brazilian festival at the office

We had a delightful São João party, Festa Junina at the office. It has originated by celebrating St. John the Baptist and currently it’s one of the biggest festivals in Brazil.

Our Brazilian colleagues prepared some traditional food and drinks from Brazil. They were as delicious as it sounds so exotic! We had Cachorro quente (hot dogs), pacoca, pipoca (popcorn), brigadeiro, pe de moleque, quentao, pao de queijo, guarana antartica and so much more! We also decorated the office together. The flags are called bandeirinhas and it’s a traditional element for São João.

We, Clincase, value our intercultural atmosphere and try to cultivate more encouraging attitude to learn each other’s culture and background.

Stay tuned for our next multi-culti event!

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